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07.07.2009|Reorganised “Drehverbund” combines core expertise

GILDEMEISTER modernises Italian plant ​​​​​​​

Bielefeld. With a Grand Opening on 7 July, GRAZIANO Tortona S.r.l. (Tortona, Italy) – a GILDEMEISTER group company – officially opened its new machining workshops and, at the same time, presented the combined “Drehverbund” (Turning Association). In total, € 3.4 million have been invested in the Italian plant. 

Within an 11-months construction period, two modern assembly halls and a new logistics hall have been built. The assembly area has been extended by 1,800 square meters to a total of 12,200 square metres. The new logistics hall improves material flow and optimises procedures. GRAZIANO specialises in the manufacture of high-tech lathes in the CTX series. The profitable location at Tortona has 154 employees; overall 640 GILDEMEISTER employees work in Italy. GRAZIANO contributes 69 years‘ worth of know-how in mechanical engineering to positive synergy effects within the group. 

On the occasion of the Grand Opening, GILDEMEISTER also presents the reorganised Turning Association. As of 1 July, the “Turning” business unit comprises the companies GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen (Bielefeld, Germany), GRAZIANO Tortona S.r.l. (Tortona, Italy) and GILDEMEISTER Italiana S.p.A. (Bergamo, Italy). This enhanced organisation is intended to further strengthen GILDLEMEISTER’s power of innovation, to improve the efficient manufacture of more competitive products and, in particular, to achieve synergies. The Turning Association will be led by four managing directors: Dr. Alessandro Batisti, Martin Boelter, Harry Junger and Dr. Jürgen Walz. Dr. Claudio Merlo continues as the Managing Director of the Tortona plant. 

GILDEMEISTER is a leading manufacturer worldwide of cutting machine tools. In addition to our core business areas of “turning“, “milling“, “ultrasonics“ and ”lasering“, we offer automation and software solutions for machine tools. These are rounded off by an extensive range of services for our various machine series. The “Solar technology“ division, with the successful ”SunCarrier“ product, adds to the portfolio. GILDEMEISTER is also building upon its position in the Italian solar market. Nine solar parks with output each of up to 1 Megawatt will be installed in the coming months in Apulia. Southern Italy is considered a growth market in the solar industry, as the conditions for operating photovoltaic plants are attractive. A total of 70 domestic and international sales and service locations in 34 countries ensure direct customer contact. Through our two modern production plants in Italy, we intend to further increase our market share in this important sales market. With its numerous user-oriented innovations, GILDEMEISTER sets the trends worldwide. One important industry event is the EMO in Milan (5-10 October 2009), where GILDEMEISTER will present 40 exhibits, of which four are world innovations.

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Disclaimer, Forward-looking statement

Disclaimer, Forward-looking statement

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