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08.06.2011|GILDEMEISTER energy solutions presents new energy solutions

Four world debuts at the Intersolar 2011​​​​​​​

Bielefeld. GILDEMEISTER has consolidated its renewable energy business division. „GILDEMEISTER energy solutions“ comprises the areas: Components, SunCarrier, CellCube and WindCarrier. As one of the largest exhibitors at the major trade show, the Intersolar in Munich , GILDEMEISTER will be presenting new products for generating and storing energy, as well as innovative applications, like the fast-chargeable e-filling station from 8 to 10 June 2011.

Energy generation:
One world debut is the „SunCarrier 70“ for generating solar electricity with a power output of up to 14 kWp. This is enough to cover the average annual power consumption of four domestic households. The „SunCarrier 70“ is the smallest tracking system in the „SunCarrier“ range and can be upgraded to a maximum power output of 53 kWp.

Another world debut is the „WindCarrier“ with a 10 kW power output. The innovative wind turbine complements the product range of „GILDEMEISTER energy solutions“. The „WindCarrier“ is a low-noise wind turbine, which functions according to the Darrieus principle, i.e. the rotation axis is arranged vertically and rotates, irrespective of the wind direction. Equipped with specially designed wings, the „WindCarrier“ uses the lift of the wind to generate a rotary motion. The gearless transmission ensures high energy efficiency. The low hub height opens up various application areas to the „WindCarrier“ and can be installed without having to apply for a building license.

Energy storage:
GILDEMEISTER will be presenting the world’s first stationary vanadium redox flow big battery, the CellCube FB 200-400, from the storage technology field. It provides 20 times more power than its smaller counterpart, the FB 10-100 and is considered key technology in the renewable energy supply sector. The low-maintenance, big battery system can be used in a variety of ways, especially as an industrial solution, but also in the electric mobility sector. The CellCube FB 200-400 is able to supply up to 50 single-family homes with electricity for a whole day, around the clock.

Innovative applications:
A major application of CellCube storage technology is the fast-chargeable electric filling station. This innovation can recharge electric vehicles with electricity from renewable energy sources within minutes, off-grid. Up to six electric vehicles can be recharged simultaneously. The e-filling station can also be constructed within a small space. The independent operation of this complete solution is made possible by intelligently combining „CellCube“, „SunCarrier" and „WindCarrier”.

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Disclaimer, Forward-looking statement

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