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25.05.2023|Change at the top in agreement with the Supervisory Board // Stable transition ensured

Alfred Geißler succeeds Christian Thönes on the Management Board of DMG MORI AG

Christian Thönes, CEO of DMG MORI AG, resigned from his position today. His contract was terminated by mutual agreement during the supervisory board meeting. Alfred Geißler was appointed as his successor by the supervisory board.

At its meeting today, the Supervisory Board decided on a change in the Management Board of DMG MORI AG. Christian Thönes, a member of the Management Board since 2012 and CEO since April 2016, has shown great commitment to the success of DMG MORI AG and, in particular, has driven forward digitization. Mr. Thönes has resigned from his position as CEO today due to differing strategic ideas and is leaving in agreement with the Supervisory Board.

DMG MORI is a technology company with a special focus on technological innovations, process integration and automation – technological solutions are the focus for customers. Christian Thönes clears the way for a personnel realignment, which will also take even greater account of the technical focus around the machine tool in the sense of technology and automation of DMG MORI AG.

The Supervisory Board would like to thank Christian Thönes in particular for his many years of successful leadership of the company and his tireless commitment. It wishes him every success and happiness for the future.

Mr. Alfred Geißler was unanimously appointed as the CEO of the Management Board of DMG MORI AG.

Mr. Geißler has been a member of the current DMG MORI Group for around 40 years and was most recently, among other things, Managing Director of DECKEL MAHO Pfronten GmbH, the largest development and production site in Europe, since 2005. Geißler is a valued technologist and specialist in the field of machining. He stands for the future strengthened technological orientation of DMG MORI AG and will in particular further strengthen the areas of product design, development and purchasing.

DMG MORI Group CEO Dr. Eng. Masahiko Mori: "With Alfred Geißler, we are succeeding a long-standing expert and technologist whom I hold in high esteem. He is also an expert on our corporate culture. I would like to sincerely thank Christian Thönes for his many years of commitment to DMG MORI AG and personally wish him all the best for his future."

Christian Thönes: "It has always been a privilege for me to work for this fascinating company. I would like to thank all employees from the bottom of my heart and wish them and the company all the best. Together we have achieved a lot."

Alfred Geißler: "I look forward to driving forward the strategic cooperation of DMG MORI AG with our parent company DMG MORI Co., LTD. globally and, together with my colleagues as well as our customers and partners, to place an even stronger common focus on technological orientation."

The Supervisory Board

Disclaimer, Forward-looking statements

Disclaimer, Forward-looking statements

Company Profile // DMG MORI AG
DMG MORI is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-precision machine tools and sustainable technologies that are at the center of global value chains. At DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT around 6,800 employees generate sales revenues of over € 2.3 billion. Together with the mother company DMG MORI COMPANY LIMITED, sales revenues amount to around € 3.4 billion. In the "Global One Company", more than 12,000 employees are in direct contact with over 100,000 customers from 57 sectors. DMG MORI is present in 88 countries worldwide with 16 production plants, 113 sales and service locations. 

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There are two companies using the name “DMG MORI”: DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT with registered office in Bielefeld, Germany, and DMG MORI COMPANY LIMITED with registered office in Tokyo, Japan. DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT is an affiliated company of DMG MORI COMPANY LIMITED. This release refers exclusively to DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT. If reference is made in this release to “DMG MORI“, this refers exclusively to DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT and its controlled companies within the meaning of Section 17 of the German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz – AktG). If reference is made to "Global One Company", this refers to the joint activities of DMG MORI COMPANY LIMITED and DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT including all subsidiary companies.