Our values are the basis of the DMG MORI corporate culture and, in addition to the code of conduct, also form the basis of the compliance management system. In this way, we establish rules and processes in order to comply with our principles and values:


Our goal: to be able to react to company-specific risks in the best possible and timely manner

Fast and effective: avoid, detect and sanction compliance violations

Building trust: contributing to the company’s success

Broad-based: fully integrated sub-areas anti-corruption and the rejection of bribery, export control, tax compliance, anti-money laundering, data protection, IT security and antitrust laws.

We analyze risks systematically and in a standardized manner. We align our principles and measures with the identified risks and examine the processing of other compliance topics. In addition, to ensure that our compliance management system is always adapted to the current conditions in all group companies, regular discussions and function tests take place in the group companies. Various other internal communication measures regularly raise awareness for compliance-related issues.