Release according to sec. 26 WpHG para 1 WpHG

Notification of voting rights according to sec. 25a para 1 WpHG

On 26 August 2013, we received the following information according to sec. 25a para 1 WpHG:

1. Company: GILDEMEISTER Aktiengesellschaft, Gildemeisterstraße 60, 33689 Bielefeld, Germany

2. Notifier: Goldman Sachs Group Holdings (UK), London, United Kingdom

3. Triggering event: exceeding

4. Threshold(s): 5%

5. Date at which the threshold is crossed or reached: 15 August 2013

6. Total amount of voting rights: 5.1180% (equals: 3,079,413 voting rights) calculated from the following total number of voting rights issued: 60,168,243

7. Detailed information on the voting rights proportion:
(Financial / other) instruments purs. to sec. 25a WpHG: 0.0964% (equals: 58,000 voting rights) thereof held indirectly: 0.0964% (equals: 58,000 voting rights)

(Financial / other) instruments purs. to sec. 25 WpHG: 4.8863% (equals: 2,940,000 voting rights) thereof held indirectly: 4.8863% (equals: 2,940,000 voting rights)

Voting rights purs. to sec. 21, 22 WpHG: 0.1353% (equals: 81,413 voting rights)

8. Detailed information on (financial / other) instruments pursuant to sec. 25a WpHG:
Chain of controlled undertakings: Goldman Sachs Group Holdings (UK) controls Goldman Sachs Holdings (U.K) which controls Goldman Sachs International.

ISIN or name / description of the (financial / other) instruments:Maturity:Expiration date:
CFD (Cash) 0.0465%20 July 2023
CFD (Cash) 0.0499%28 June 2023

GILDEMEISTER Aktiengesellschaft
The Executive Board

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