Compliance Management System

DMG MORI had already created a central point of contact for all compliance related issues in the form of its compliance management in 2008. Since then we have continuously expanded our compliance activities. The compliance management system is firmly established at the group and comprises seven elements:

The compliance organization works together with the Executive Board and the management team, checks where there is a question of doubt, and supports all our employees worldwide in complying with statutory and internal requirements.

Employees are made aware of compliance-related issues on a regular basis by way of various internal communications measures. Regular trainings form one key aspect of this, where our management staff worldwide receives target-group specific training in intensive training courses. Our management staff are then required, in the role of disseminators, to pass on this knowledge to their staff. Additionally, online trainings are conducted for all employees.

Our compliance management system undergoes an extensive audit every year. Moreover, every year we also carry out a dedicated analysis of all compliance risks, both centrally and locally at the individual group units. We align our principles and measures with the identified risks and examine the handling of further compliance topics. To further ensure that our compliance management system is always adapted to the current circumstances in all group companies, regular talks and performance tests take place in the group companies.